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Emerge Quilting Cotton Fat Quarter Bundle, colorway 1

Emerge Quilting Cotton Fat Quarter Bundle, colorway 1

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A butterfly can only earn their wings after they struggle. Each summer, Designer Rebekah Lowell rescues, raises, and releases monarchs— over 1,000 since 2014. Emerge takes a closer look at the monarch’s plight for survival from egg to winged wonder, witnessing metamorphosis into beautiful new creatures. As a survivor of abuse, Rebekah has found that the monarch speaks to her heart and gives her hope and strength. Within the fabric, you will find a poem that Rebekah wrote from a monarch’s point of view. 

This fat quarter bundle of quilting cotton offers 16 prints from the first colorway of Emerge by Rebekah Lowell for PBS fabrics in sage greens, lavenders, and rusts for a calming selection of designs. 

Tied with cotton twine and finished with a kraft paper hang tag. 

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Created by Rebekah Lowell

My heart continues to be amazed by the natural world we live in and I want to share this through the words and images of my work. By teaching others to love nature, we encourage empathy, and in that we are saving the world.