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2017 Maine Duck Stamp Print (Common Eiders) "Surfing into Shore"

2017 Maine Duck Stamp Print (Common Eiders) "Surfing into Shore"

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Fine Art Giclee Print of the 2017 Maine Duck Stamp The original painting used to create this print was 15.5" x 19.5" and was completed in oils. The species is the Common Eider, and the title of the painting in "Surfing into Shore". The print image is 6.5" x 9" on 12" x 14" paper. This is standard collectible size for all duck stamp prints. This fine art giclee print is created in archival inks on archival paper. Only the highest quality materials were used in the making of this print. Prints are numbered ____/50. All prints are signed and numbered in pencil by me, the artist, Rebekah Lowell. No unsigned prints have been published.


Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity is included. 

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Created by Rebekah Lowell

My heart continues to be amazed by the natural world we live in and I want to share this through the words and images of my work. By teaching others to love nature, we encourage empathy, and in that we are saving the world.