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Set of 4 Flour Sack Towels

Set of 4 Flour Sack Towels

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27" x 27" Silkscreen Printed Flour Sack Towels


Set of all 4 of designs from the Fly Free Collection

"Fly Free" (Migration)

"A Different Path” (Footprints)

"Fearless” (Feathers)

"Dismantling Perfection” (Bluebird)


The avian inspired designs on these towels represent freedom, and you will find that there is something unique to each design that rebels against conformity. There is a bird flying their own way, a path of a different color, a feather that stands out, and a Bluebird taking apart a perfectly constructed wreath. Birds are a symbol of fierce independence, hope, and freedom—and with this collection of handcrafted silkscreened flour sack towels, Rebekah hopes that freedom flies with you, into your home.

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Created by Rebekah Lowell

My heart continues to be amazed by the natural world we live in and I want to share this through the words and images of my work. By teaching others to love nature, we encourage empathy, and in that we are saving the world.